This department is in charge of organizing all types of corporations both Trading and Civil, under the desired modality: national or foreign, as well as the following legal proceedings:

  (xiii) Mergers.
  (xv) Transformations.
  (xvi) Acquisitions.
  (xviii) Issuance of obligations.
  (xix) National and international purchase-sale agreements.
  (xx) Supply and distribution agreements.
  (xxi) Procedures with Notary Publics.
  (xxii) Coordination, participation, and intervention in partners or associates meetings.
  (xxiii) Minutes.
  (xxiv) Generation and/or analysis of all types of contracts, such as:

    a) Commission.
    b) Mediation.
    c) Supply.
    d) Credit.
    e) Insurance.
    f) Deposit.
    g) Accession (preparation and registration of contracts in PROFECO).
    h) National or international purchase-sale.
    i) Transfer of technology.
    j) Strategic alliances.
    k) Joint ventures, etc.

  (xxv) Legal audit and corporate updating.
  (xxvi) Corporate and guaranty trusts (national or foreign).

Also the Firm is responsible for maintenance and safekeeping of the Client's books and records.