This area is in charge of litigation both at municipal, state, and federal level with competent authorities and courts, on issues and areas such as:

  Civil Law.
    – Contract violation controversies.
    – Land ownership and tenure controversies.
    – Lease controversies.
    – Family controversies.
  Criminal Law.
    – General consulting services on penal matters.
    – Consulting services and representation in preliminary investigations (complaints or claims) and state and federal penal processes.
    – Appeal for legal protection in penal matters.
  Commercial Law.
  Administrative Law.
    – Controversies with any government agency, municipal, state or federal.
  Compliance and decommissioning visits in commercial and construction matters.
    – Controversies with PROFECO..
    – Claim establishment and conciliatory processes..
    – Fines imposed by authorities.
  Constitutional Law and Legal Protection.
  Labor and Social Security Law.
    – Addressing visits made by the Labor and Social Prevision Department: STPS (Secretaría del Trabajo y Previsión Social) and generation of documents required for such purposes.
    – Individual litigation (representing employers only).
    – Generation of individual and collective contracts.
    – Outsourcing services:
      – Staff.
      – Payroll.
    – Negotiation of liquidations or termination of employment contracts and formalization with competent authorities.
    – Collective bargaining, strikes, collective work contracts.
  Taxation and Administrative Law.

It is worth mentioning that the Firm has participated in major federal litigations (legal protection) during the last few years.