Real Estate

The activities in this area include structuring, negotiation, organization, and tax planning as well as closing of all judicial procedures associated with real estate.

This area is in charge of the following activities among many others:

  (i)Trusts (organization, operation, maintenance, and liquidation; as well as trust agreement consulting services and/or negotiations with national and international fiduciary institutions), a few frequent trusts are:

    a) Trusts, self-building.
    b) Trusts, investment and management.
    c) Trusts, personal financial.
    d)Trusts, real estate corporate.
    e) Trusts, guaranty.

  (ii)Promise to purchase, purchase-sale, and leasing agreements in all their modalities.
  (iii)Lump sum, supply, service rendering agreements.
  (iv)Regulatory ownership and possession agreements.
  (v) Generation and organization of articles of incorporation (condominiums).

    a) Condominium within a condominium.
    b) Master.
    c) Lots.
    d) Regulations.
    e)Specific regulations and socialization.

  (vi)Construction and development licenses and authorizations.

  (vii) Notarizing coordination and procedures.

  (viii)Tax and financial planning for the real estate business.

As well as various local, state, and federal administrative permits and authorizations.

The previous within the scope of construction for industrial, commercial, residential, and state-subsidized purposes.